Well-being in The Early Years

Working with children and families can be hard. It can feel like juggling plates -we have to manage the children, be emotionally available for them, work with colleagues, management and parents, be with the children and do paperwork. It’s a lot! Looking after your own well-being has never been more important. This CPD workshop runs in two formats

– for practitioners and teams to support well-being

-for management to create a culture of well-being

The Minds Matter survey found that “One in four early years practitioners was considering leaving the sector because of the impact on their mental health” – Nursery World Magazine

In this CPD session we look at well-being. We particularly focus on you, the practitioner, you can’t poor from an empty cup! We explore what our challenges may be, tools and techniques for well-being. Early childhood development theory then informs our exploration of well-being in the wider community – the session aims to allow us to build support for ourselves, our teams, or families and ultimately our children.

For management and management teams, staff well-being has never been more important, Sarah Heale says “staff wellbeing, which for many may come bottom of the list of priorities… arguably holds the secret to a successful nursery”. The latest Ofted guidance also puts a strong emphasis on management taking responsibility for staff well-being, Ofsted want to see managers who engage with their teams well-being and will ask opinions on this from management, staff and parents in inspections. The Well-being in the Early Years CPD workshop for managers and management teams, focuses on the importance of well-being and how to create a culture of support for your team.

This CPD session takes one hour delivered online, and can be booked for a time that suits you.

Well-being in Early Years (for practitioners) costs This CPD workshop costs £10 per person, discounts available for group bookings of 4 or more.

Well-being in Early Years for Mangers and Management Teams costs £30 for one manager, £45 for teams of 2-4 and £75 for up to 8 manages across a chain.

Please email to book, as well-being is unique we arrange a free consultation call prior to the session so we can tailor the CPD to you and your setting.