Schema and Schematic Play

John Piaget is arguable the best know child development physiologist. Since he published his Cognitive development Theory in 1936, we have used this as a foundation to understand how children learn through play. We hear and use the word ‘Schema’ often in early years development – but how confident are you in your understanding of it?

Schema and schematic play is the building blocks of brain development – here we explore what this means. What is Schema? How do they help a child develop? We focus on common Schema’s and how to identify them in children’s play. Once we have a clear understanding the session looks at materials, tools and techniques that support schematic learning in early years, and how we can adjust our practice to identify, observe and extend learning.

This is a 90 minute online workshop.

This CPD workshop costs £25 per person, discounts available for group bookings of 4 or more.

Email to book at a time that suits you.