Gender Diversity in the Early Years

Gender is a hot topic at the moment – in the news often, our cultural views are changing. Gender construction starts very early – most children start to recognize and label stereotypical gender behaviors and groups from between 18-24 months. Gender starts in childhood and has significant impact for the rest of life, we see an attainment gap between boys and girls at the end of the EYFS, and a huge pay gap between men and woman globally – its time to challenge veiws and change from the earliest years up!

In this online workshop, we question what is gender from a cultural and biological perspective. We learn how gender stereotypes are embedded in children’s ideas from a very young age and the effect this can have. There is time to reflect, debate and discuss our own ideas around gender. From building strong girls who know its OK to get messy and like science, to letting boys know its OK to express emotion, we look at ways we can support young children to promote gender equality .Tools, tips and techniques are learnt for how we can promote diversity, acceptance and representation in early years settings, challenging the pink vs blue rhetoric to forge best practice for all our children.

This is a one hour workshop delivered online.

This CPD workshop costs £15 per person, discounts available for group bookings of 4 or more.

Email to book at a time that suits you.