An Introduction to curriculum and Pedagogy

What is the vision of your setting, what curriculum do you use? There are many approaches, curriculum and pedagogues within Early Years – some settings use one interpretation, and some blend parts together. Having an understanding of curriculum can enhance your provision – this course introduces main curriculum approaches – Montessori, Steiner, Te-Whariki and Reggio Emilia to discover what they are and how they are implemented.

This CPD session looks at curriculum and pedagogy, first defining the terms and what they mean in practice within early years, then exploring different curriculum and pedagogical approaches. We overview four curriculum’s – Montessori, Steiner. Reggio Emilia and Te-Whariki. The session looks at what these curriculum are and how they are applied in the early years. It gives a chance to reflect on your own ideas and views of curriculum, and what approaches you currently use. The implementation of curriculum can make a huge difference to quality of provision – an understanding of yours gives you a clear view of your aims and how you deliver this to children.

For Managers and management teams this session can be ran to help you dig deep into what curriculum you deliver. We look at vision and ethos, why it is important and how having a clear vision, that you embed throughout your setting can improve provision quality. The 2019 Ofsted inspection framework sets out how inspections look for ‘quality of Education’ , focusing on ‘A fully embedded ethos/vision’ ‘a clear understanding of the educational approach’ and ‘a well embedded approach to teaching and learning’ . The workshop will help you draw these out and focus on how to deliver this within your team.

An Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy is a 1 hour, 15 minute online webinar.

This CPD workshop costs £15 per person, discounts available for group bookings of 4 or more.

Curriculum and Pedagogy for Managers and Management Teams is a 1-2 hour online workshop

Cost is £40 for 1 manager and £65 for management teams of 1-4

email to book at a time that suits you