About Us

“a teacher effects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops” – Henry Adams

As an education enthusiast, I have worked with children from birth right through to 18 in a variety of ways. My experience has led me to be able to offer high quality training, tutoring and consultation – for Early Years Professionals, children and parents.

We believe high quality provision in the early years is the key to unfolding a child’s potential. The cornerstone of provision is well trained, knowledgeable professionals. By providing high quality CPD (continuous professional development) we aim to enhance practice for professionals and the children they work with.

Our aim is to inspire early years professionals to follow their own journey of discovery; exploring child development, contemporary issues, approach and pedagogy to expand their skills and knowledge base. Through training and CPD we give you the tools and know-how to improve your practice with young children.

As a Montessori Home Educator, I realize the impact good quality tutoring, parenting workshop sessions and One to one work can have. Montessori Moments was developed to give families access to professional services to enrich their family experience and children’s learning.

Our Story: Hello! My name is Leanne Ridgeway. My students know me as ‘Miss Leanne’. I am an experienced Montessori Teacher, Early Years Practitioner Education Trainer, online tutor and Montessori Home Educator. But my story in education started far from here, I’d like to share with you how I came to set up Early Childhood Training.

My journey of working in education started 14 years ago…born and raised in rural Shropshire, UK, as a young woman I didn’t really know what to do with my life, so I set off travelling. Whilst in South Africa, generally having a great adventure, I was shocked to see the poverty children lived in. ‘Children don’t ask for this, they are innocent, the world is unfair’ I remember thinking. And so it began, I started volunteering at an Orphanage is Mpulanaga, South Africa, working with children from 0-18 years. After some time here I traveled north to Zimbabwe, but couldn’t shake off thoughts of the unequal world some children live in. I was introduced to some local people who supported the ‘street kids’ in the town of Victoria Falls, and there I stayed for a few years, working with the children and going on to help found a children’s well-being and education charity that is still going strong today.

I had lots of experience of working with children, but I wanted knowledge to do it better, so I returned to the UK and did a level 3 Diploma in Early Years and worked in a private nursery and after school club. I did another few years working in Zimbabwe, mentoring and teaching learning programmes (0-18) before eventually heading back to the UK. Here I worked in a few different nurseries (school and private) before discovering the Montessori Approach, which I fell in love with. I studied a level 4 Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy, before doing a Foundation Degree in Montessori Pedagogy and then a BA honors degree in Early Childhood Education, alongside working as Montessori Teacher.

Through my degree’s I became interested in research, and conducted extensive research projects, which led to me being invited to give talks and workshop trainings with some universities, my local authority and other Early Years Networks.

This sparked a big passion for training – being involved in the early years community over many years, I can see that training makes a difference to quality of practice with children, but this training isn’t always accessible to practitioners. This is why I set up Early Childhood Training…to give quality, affordable and accessible CPD – giving back to the early years community and making a difference to practitioners and children. Working with children and parents is a highlight for me, so I created Montessori Moments to offer tutoring and parental workshops.